Virum, Denmark 
Located in Virum, a picturesque lakeside suburb on Furesø, in the outskirts of Copenhagen, the Virum House project is a renovation of the existing dwelling owned by an Icelandic-Faroese couple. The couple wanted the house to embody a minimalistic, Nordic aesthetic, true to their respective Nordic homelands. Architectural interventions to the ground floor plan opened and connected the daily living spaces creating generous circulation areas. Large slabs of lavastone were laid on walls and floors in wet areas and transition zones, while wide heart oak Dinesen planks fill the living areas. Aligning with a commitment to a minimal material palette, the integrated furniture was also clad in oak or lavastone; celebrating and refining two elements so intrinsic to the image of the Nordic landscape.

Residential Architecture - Location: Virum, Denmark - Gross floor area: 250 m² - Date of completion: 2019 - Photographer: Hampus Berndtson