Copenhagen, Denmark 
Gut renovation of a 150 square meter top floor apartment of an 1890s building in the centre of Copenhagen. To accommodate the client’s wish for a bright and spacious home, Thulstrup focused on interventions that would support such transformation.

By opening up the volumes of the living spaces both vertically and horizontally, and using quality materials, Thulstrup re-introduced a feeling of calmness and balance into a space that was marked by low ceilings and limited natural light. The key architectural intervention was an intercepting pitch roof structure, extending the kitchen space and adding a roof terrace that is exposed to (sun) light from morning to evening.

As an ode to his own design principles, Thulstrup added a spiral staircase made from glass-blasted steel, and a custom yellow-pated zinc finish mainly used for industrial purposes.

Residential Architecture - Location: Copenhagen, Denmark - Gross floor area 160m2 - Date of completion: January 2020 - Photographer: Irina Boersma