Sealand, Denmark (Unbuilt)
Approaching architecture with humans in mind is inseparable from the need to be connected to the natural world. Thus, more than just providing a space for their inhabitants, spaces become continuous sensory experiences. Seeking the peaceful ambience of the forest and drawing inspiration from site-specific landscapes of Sealand, the private residence is lulled in by unspoiled vegetation typical for the area. Its stripped-down essentialism offers an opportunity for rest and relaxation through an honest integration of materiality. Presenting itself as a large, monolithic, and bunker-like volume, the single-story building is embedded in a grove of pine trees. To mediate between the private interior and surrounding nature, the roof is covered in native grass. Underneath, an open space stretches across the entire width of the building with large, set-back glass facades that frame the view while creating a direct connection from the inside-out. The rhythmic integration of walls inside the space as well as free standing steel structures on the outside are central to the design language. By eliminating all clutter and integrating a fireplace for added wellbeing, the forest house envisions a shelter in close contact with nature while celebrating pared-back architectural interventions.

Residential Architecture (Unbuilt) - Location: Sealand, Denmark - Gross floor area: 160m2