Sørensen Leather
LANDSCAPE is a family of limited-edition designs that blur the boundaries between living, working and socialising. Crafted with high-quality leather from the FLUX® collection, the outcome is a vertical application, a horizontal surface and an upholstered object ideal for contemporary but timeless settings.

DT.013.03 pays homage to the traditional American toolbox shelf. It leaves room for storage on the inside—and becomes a beautiful object when closed. The divider celebrates the elegance of the leather with a single-piece application in the shade of FLUX® Ginger 40306. Through the use of solid ash, the divider becomes reliably sturdy, and hidden wheels allow it be flexible on demand. Although it is extremely functional, its simple geometry and warm hues transform it into a calming object for the home.

In collaboration with Sørensen Leather.

Furniture Design – Client: Sørensen Leather – Date of completion: September 2020 – Photographer: Irina Boersma – Retoucher: Christian Møller Andersen