Sørensen Leather
LANDSCAPE is a family of limited-edition designs that blur the boundaries between living, working and socialising. Crafted with high-quality leather from the FLUX® collection, the outcome is a vertical application, a horizontal surface and an upholstered object ideal for contemporary but timeless settings.

DT.013.02 reinterprets the disappearing typology of the campaign furniture. It acts as a temporary, traveling seating object that is easy is move around yet sculptural at the same time. With the honesty of the material in mind, the stool combines brushed and anodised black aluminium with FLUX® Anthrazite 40302.

In collaboration with Sørensen Leather.

Furniture Design – Client: Sørensen Leather – Date of completion: September 2020 – Photographer: Irina Boersma – Retoucher: Christian Møller Andersen